Yuzuru Hanyu Wife,Age,height,Family and Net worth in 2022

Yuzuru Hanyu born on 7 th December 1994  in sendai japan.he is a Japanese figure skater who is 2 times Olympic champion.he is first one who has won the gold medal in Sochi Russian Olympic in 2014 winter games and in 2018 winter Olympics in south korea he won second gold medal. He is one time grand prix champion in 2013 and a two times world champion.

Hanyu started the figure skater at the age of four year.After watching winter Olympics in 2002 he became serious about figure saketing.he is among the few males who has performed biellmann spin and quadruple jump.

Yuzuru Hanyu wife and marital status?

Yuzuru Hanyu is not married till date.Rumors are always there but is still focusing on his life goals.As he is a successful athelete still he did not interested in any relationship due to his life goals.Many of girls have crush on him but he is not interested to date any girl till date.With his dedication he won various prices in the past and more are on the way in near future.

Yuzuru hanyu wife rumors will misguide his fans but he is not interested to date any girl.As of now there is no news about any girlfriend if there is anything about it we will share it with readers here.

Yuzuru hanyu age,education and family.

Yuzuru hanyu is 27 year old as of May 2022.He is the second youngest child of his parents.His father is hidetoshi hanyu who is a junior high school teacher and also an adviser to baseball club.his father encouraged him to be in sports.His mother Yumi hanyu used to make all his coustumes for sports in early career for his  event in 2010-2011 which is designed by an  American figure skater.His mother accompany him on various events but his father and sister saya stayed in Japan.

In his early age of 2 he is diagnosed by Asthma which was recovered later.

Yuzuru hanyu accidents.

As skating is not an easy game so there is always a possibility of accidents during practice as well during game.yuzuru hanyu is also faced so major accidents during his life.In 2014 yuzuru collides with another skater during his performance at  China free skate ,he fell five times and finished 2 nd at that time.

In 2017 also he faced and ankel injury just before pre-olympic practice.In 2018,2021 he also faced some injuries due to various events.

Yuzuru hanyu updates his all the activitis through social media time to time .Instagram is one of them.

Yuzuru hanyu 4A

Yuzuru hanyu become the first athlete to attempt quadruple Axle in men’s free skate at Beijing Olympic but unfortunately he is not lucky to perform it.

“I honestly left everything out there. I have nothing left to give”, Hanyu tearfully said on 10 February at the free skate in which he scored 188.06 left him in 4th place, 10 points behind of the podium.

Yuzuru hanyu Networth

Yuzuru hanyu Net Worth in 2022 is reported as $2 million.howver it may be more than it.

Some Other details about Yuzuru Hanyu

Date Of Birth – 07 December 1994

Place of Birth – Sendai

Height – 1.72 Meter (5.6 Feet)

Weight – 58 kg

Country – Japan

Instagram – yuzu_yuzuru