Ways to make your Live stream show successful

Many businesses across the globe have rethought their online presence in response to COVID-19, and as more individuals move digital to keep their offline interests alive, marketing teams are searching for new methods to grab the attention of consumers who are moving to new online platforms.

Before COVID-19, companies depended significantly on physical marketing, such as product booths at concerts or live events in malls, and live video shopping seemed to offer a viable alternative. However, just conducting live shopping shows to “be online” will not have a big effect. Brands can instead adopt Live Shopping features that aim to produce more than simply “digital-facetime.”

In this section, we suggest a few live online shopping best practices that brands are presently using, which may lead to greater attendance and more meaningful audience interaction before, during, and after the event.

Take a look at the camera, not the display!

Reference monitors are an excellent tool for assessing confidence. Many live streamers like to put the reference monitor right underneath the camera for convenient access, however, this placement makes the monitor extremely appealing to stare at for longer than necessary. Resist the temptation to look at the display to ensure your eyes are properly positioned in the camera lens!

Create momentum before going live.

Run a teaser campaign before a live shopping show to let new and current customers know when and why they should tune in.

Increase participation and engagement during a live online shopping show.

Running live contests and giveaways while a livestream shopping show is going on may help you increase reach and keep audiences interested.

Check the audio and internet connections.

You may want people to speak about your live shopping, but that won’t happen if all they say is, “We can’t hear you.” Check that all of your audio equipment is operational, both during the dry run and on the day of the live shopping show. It’s also a good idea to have an additional microphone and batteries on hand.

Invite a host

Not only is live video shopping to sell products or services but it is an enjoyable and engaging way to make your livestream shopping show more fascinating. Having a guest on your live online shopping show is also a great way to cross-promote (you promote the guest to your audience, and the guest promotes your show to their audience!).

Make a local recording of your show

When it comes to live streaming commerce to sell products, it is always better to be safe than sorry. That is why, in the worst-case situation, we always suggest recording your livestream shopping show locally so that you are completely prepared with a full, high-resolution backup.

Don’t disregard the audience

Responding to the audience’s questions and comments, as previously said, provides a more engaging experience. Sharing unique or exclusive material rather than simply selling to our audience is also a fantastic approach to build trust and generate engagement.

You could even invite viewers to submit questions ahead of time to entice them to check in on the day and guarantee your material is relevant.

Analyze ROI

As with any marketing activity, we should spend time analyzing the data from our livestream shopping show. At the very least, consider the number of views and comments. Then, look at the amount of interaction outside of the live shopping show. Using monitoring tools may assist us in discovering difficult-to-find discussions. Such data may offer insights into what went well, what people said, and how many people attended our event. Use this information in the future to host a more successful live shopping!

Final words

Following up with your attendees after your live video shopping show has concluded is usually a good idea. Thank them for their time, let them know about your upcoming live online shopping shows. If you’ve followed these steps, you’ve most certainly done a fantastic job of using your live streaming shopping show to generate leads, so keep the momentum continuing and nurture them.

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