NCC = National cadet corps

The national cadet corps( NCC ) is the brood aileron of the Indian armed forces within its headquarters in New Delhi, India. It is exposed to the academy and institutes person on spontaneous support as a Tri-assistance Organization extensive the army, the navy and the Air aileron committed to admonishment the youth of the country into acquainted and bureaucratic society.

The commando youth foundation in India is a spontaneous system that volunteers plebe from senior high school, higher secondary, institutes, and universities all over India. The plebe is given basic soldiery training in slight artillery and drill.  The supervisor and plebe have no duty for operating soldiery serviceability once they whole enchilada their procedure. NCC was tramped on 15 July 1948.


The NCC in India was tramped in the act of 1950. It can be followed rearmost to the university crew, which was constructed beneath the Indian defense act 1917, with the equitable to compose for the lack in the army.  when the Indian territorial act was approved in 1920, the university crew was reinstated by the University Training Corps(UTC).

The desire was to increment the dignity of the UTC supervisors and cadets dressed like the army. It was a symbolic step towards the indigenization of armed forces. It was cherished as UTC so the National Cadet Corps can be investigated as a beneficiary of the University Officers Training Corps which was settled by the British government in 1942.

Aims of NCC

The “aims” of the NCC located out in 1988 have settled the analysis of pace and carry on to greet the exigency conventionally of it in the prevailing socio-economic synopsis of the country. The desire senescent personality companionship, discipline, a profane perspective the enthusiasm of contingency, and ethics of altruistic serviceability throughout adolescent citizens.

Further, it desires to cast a tarn of coordinated, skilled, and galvanized youth with captaincy traits in all parade of liveliness, who will provide the nation inconsiderate of which course they prefer gratuitous to say, the NCC also accommodate a surrounding helpful to encouraging young Indians to join the armed forces.


The adage of NCC is “entity and discipline”. In livelihood up to its motto, it acts as a close-knit force of the nation that consort well organized the youth appreciation from distinct stature of the country and benedict them into united profane and acquainted citizens of the nation.

NCC Flag

The actual NCC flag has three colors.  

The flag was imported in 1954  :

  • Red
  • Dark blue
  • Light blue

 These colors indicate the three services of the corps is Red serve the Army, Dark blue serve the Navy and Light blue serve the Air force. In the center, it has three memoirs NCC circumscribed by a garland of lotus.


 The NCC day is revered 4th Sunday in November every year.

Advantages of joining NCC

  • It is a remarkably alleged carcass which is also an instant line of defense. In India, many juveniles are trained in line with defense in sheath the commitment arises. If juvenile students want to form their career option, then being an NCC plebe clasps bulk of the weight. As they are straight concurrent with the ministry of defense.
  • It plebes learn to form dignity in them and the indoctrination also invigorates the enthusiasm of being an Indian. This benefits them paraphernalia towards merging the forces and providing their 100% when the country needs them.
  • 32 seats are there in organization that are set aside for plebe who holds an NCC certificate contingent they have 50% in graduation with at least B grade in C level Examination. If all satisfy, then they are appropriate for the Short service commission without even qualifying for the Chief of Defence Staff written exam. All they have to clear the service selection board interview.
  • Other than the Service selection board they also get an inclination over others in the crisis’s response force and Border security force.
  • Other than just armed forces there is distinct central and state government alignment that gives special desire to NCC cadets.

Is NCC a government company?

The national cadet corps is a non-government organization that aims at promoting the spirit of nationalism and patriotism, inculcating discipline, commitment to duty, and a sense of pride in one’s country among the youth by enrolling them in the National Cadet Corps. The NCC was established on April 14, 1948, as an auxiliary wing of the Indian Army. NCC works under the control of the Ministry of Defence.

       The national cadet corps is a voluntary organization for young people between the ages of five and twenty-four. They are trained in different branches of military service. They are taught to be patriotic, self-disciplined, physically fit, and morally upright citizens who will serve their country in the cause of freedom.

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