If you are one who want to lose your weight fast you should follow the below steps for a better result. Many peoples are afraid about weight gain due to their bad eating habits or wrong eating schedule. You can learn here how to fast to lose weight safely.

Here are some useful tips for weight lose rapidly.

1.Eat Vegetables and Fruit

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You should focus on you food if you you want to be fit want to lose weight fast. Increase the quantity of vegetables and fruits in your daily routine it will help to to loose weight and also reduce the excess fat. as well as it will help you to burn extra calories.


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You may be worried how to exercise to lose weight fast at home. Exercise with a well planned schedule also help you to reduce weight drastically. With daily exercise routine you will reduce you extra fat and feel more energetic all day. Some of peoples wonder about how to lose weight fast by walking but it can be done through a disciplined walking schedule.


Food should be selective which will be free from excess oils. Sprouts will be an alternative for breakfast if you want a good health and help fast to lose weight

4.Drink water

Water also plays a great role to keep you fit and well balanced weight .You should know how much water is sufficient for you it will be depend upon time to time. In summer you need extra water while in winter requirement will be a bit small.

5.Cut Down Junk Food

Junk foods are not really heathy for us but in some exception case we can try them on weekends or in some party. But usually we should avoid them you can opt out some healthy snacks like unsalted popcorn, oat cakes ,rice cakes etc which will help fast to lose weigh.

6.Stop taking Alcohol

If you really want how fast to lose weight you have to cut down your alcohol consumption as it will cause a weight gain due to high calories in it.

7.Meal Planing

Try to plan your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for daily , making sure you stick to your calorie allowance and have a balanced protein intake according to your schedule. It will help you how to diet fast to lose weight without exercise.

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