How much does big tech companies make every minute.How the world’s largest four out of five companies have grown to trillion-dollar market capitalizations.

Despite their similarities, each of the five technology companies(amazon, apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and alphabet)have very different cashflow breakdowns and growth trajectories .some have a diversified mix of applications and cloud services, products, and data accumulation while others have a more singular focus but through growth in almost all segments, big tech has eclipsed big oil and other major industry groups to comprise the most valuable publicly traded companies in the world. by continuing to grow these companies have strengthened the financial position of their billionaire founders and led the tech-heavy NASDAQ to new record highs. unfortunately with  growth comes difficulty data -use, diversity, and treatment of workers have all become hot-button issues on a global scale, putting big tech on the defensive with advertisers and government alike still even this hasn’t stopped the tech giants from (almost )all posting massive revenue growth

Revenues for big tech keep increasing

Across the board, greater technological adoption is the biggest driver of increased revenues. Its becoming increasingly difficult to wrap your head around just how massive some big tech stocks are getting, especially since they keep outdoing themselves.

The pandemic has pushed even more activity online, and the FAATMAN stocks (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, Alphabet, and Netflix) have benefied immensely with many of these companies experiencing record breaking quarters,how much revenue do the big tech stocks general per minute .

Milestones across the board

Facebook :

Facebook continues to face considerable headwinds as privacy matters garner more political attention but this is yet to have any material effect on the business. Their most recent quarter was a company best, generating $27 billion in revenue and hosting an average of 2.8 billion monthly -active users on the flagship platform.


Alphabet the parent company of google is behemoth. They finished 2020 with $182 biliion in revenues with approximately $20 billion coming from youtube.

Furthermore,almost 4 billion google searches occur every single day making it the most popular website in the world.


Although the U.S.remains their most prominent market ,amazon does considerably well in other parts of the world.

For example ,in 2020 they generated $20 billion revenues from japan and $29 billion from Germany.


The growning EV narrative is large part of what’s driven tesla to new heights. The company graduated to the prestigious S & P 500, and along the way has made Elon Musk among the richest people in the world.


Microsoft is the second-largest big tech stock with a whopping market cap of $1.75 trillion their diversified business holding includes bing, Linked In, Xbox, and their cloud-containing service azure.


Apple is no longer just about the I phone. In the first quarter of 2021 apple’s services segment of business made $15.7 billion in revenue, greater than both mac and I pad, which each contributed about $8 billion to the business.

In   addition ,their wearable s, home and accessories category made $12.9 billion in revenue.


The pandemic has been kind to Netflix and reed hastings. The streaming giant wrapped up 2020 adding 52 million new subscribers taking the total tally to 203 million.

Net flix’s breadth of content routinely dominates the golden globe awards and with 42 nominations in 2021, this year was no exception. Their original content is a dividing factor behind the impressive subscriber’s growth and revenue generation.

No end in sight

 The combined market cap of the FAATMAN stocks is now over &8 trillion .

To put into perspective, that’s about equivalent to Germany, Canada, and France’s GDP combined, despite their gigantic valuations the growing topline figures their SEC filings suggest they are not done yet, so while the current value may appear bloated, no one can quite rule out FAATMAN getting fatter.

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