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Jal Mahal Jaipur with Location And Entry Fees and Timings to visit 2022.

  • Introduction

A visit Guide is here to Jal mahal which is one of the most splendid architectural places sitting in the center of man Singh lake on the outskirts of Jaipur. This masterful creation was earlier a hooting lodge for the maharajas, but now it has become the most famous sightseeing in Jaipur. Jal Mahal was built by Maharaja Madho Singh in the 1750s for himself and his companions to rest after their duck hunting endeavors. It is promoted under Jal mahal tourism.

Why is Jal Mahal underwater?

Jal Mahal is a four-storeyed building with red sandstone.it offers a breath-taking view of Nahargarh hills and man Sagar lake that borders it. The most alluring feature of this mahal is that four stories of this site are submerged underwater, and only one story lies above the water level. it has a garden at the top consisting of varieties of trees and beautiful flowers. Some of the visitors suggest that there should be a Jal mahal hotel in it. but a question comes to mind why Jal mahal is closed?

  • History

In 1956 A.D severe famine was experienced by the people of the area where Jal mahal is currently standing. This led to an acute shortage of water, and the ruler of Amer, therefore, decided to build a dam to deal with the problem of scarcity of water. The dam was initially built with quartzite and earth on the eastern side of the breath beautiful Amer hills. Later it was renovated in 17 th Century into a Masonry structure.


This dam is still standing today and it’s 28.5-34.5 meters wide and 300 meters long. Three gates have also been built in the dam to release a sufficient amount of water to irrigate the nearby agricultural lands. This dam has undergone renovation done by different rulers but the final renovation was done by Maharaja Jai Singh II. Other historical place religious spots like Jaigarh, Amer fort, Kanak Vrindavan valley, and Nahargarh fort were built in the nearby areas of this lake. These are now connected with a tourist corridor of road networks.

It is believed that Jal mahal was built in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh as a spot to relax.

View From Hill

The architecture of Jal mahal

Jal Mahal is known for its exquisite architecture and splendid design that behold the mind of the visitors. It is the finest example of excellent Rajput architecture and technical excellence that were not vogue in the 18th century. The architectural grandeur of this palace comes to life, especially in the evening even the entire complex is covered by floodlights. The beautiful cravings on the shrines and the white marbles that have been used to build a palace in Man Sagar lake give an illusion of multi-stories standing over the water level at the corner of the palace there are four octagons shaped chhatris and beautiful domes.

Center of fort

In the center, there is a chhatri and beautiful domes. In the center, there is a chhatri made in Bengali style. Twenty-one decorative pillars are also located in this palace that is considered to be the cenotaphs of the royal family. A platform is there in the center of the garden area where dance performances and recitals were organized. The original garden got damaged in the past but how it has been recreated again to capitative the attention of the visitors.

Can we Go inside jal mahal in Jaipur?

You can go inside jal mahal with permission of Jaipur Authorities only special permission s required.

Here is a video below for Jal Mahal from inside.

Who lives in Jal Mahal?

Now a days no one lives in jal mahal in ancient time king constructed this Mahal for his Queens and for his guests to spent time with them. 

Why jal Mahal is Closed?

The reason behind why the Jal mahal is closed is because of an impending court case. The Rajasthan government under Congress party has invited the bids for the Jal Mahal project which is redevelop the area of  Jal Mahal and mansagar lake . The project includes the development and cleaning  of The Jal Mahal Palace, and to construct 2 hotels with market. The subsequent government of BJP rule challenged the awarding the contract due to less value and tax issue and high court verdict that no visitor will be allowed until this case is not closed..

How to reach Jal mahal

From Airport: the most convenient way to reach Jal mahal from Jaipur airport is by taking a taxi which will take around 15 minutes to reach over here. You can also take a direct bus ac 1 bus to reach Jal mahal it takes around 1 hr to reach Jal mahal by bus and by the railway station and bus stand it takes 30 minutes to reach by cab or auto any other vehicle in the bus it takes around 40 minutes.

Best time to visit Jal mahal

The best time to visit Jal mahal is during the rainy season when the weather becomes even more pleasant. The rain imparts a great edge to the stunning look of the sandstone of this palace and makes it look extremely stunning. People especially prefer to visit this spot during October as the weather is extremely pleasant during this month.

Things to do at Jal mahal

There are umpteen things that you can do at Jal mahal to have the best experiences in your memory lanes.

Romantic boat ride one of the best things to do at Jal mahal is have a magnificent view of this palace while boating at man Singh lake.

These boats are made up of wood by Vrindavan, and they give a royal experience as you take an escapade around the lake. You can also have a view of Aravalli hills, which has umpteen forts and temples on it while boating across the lake. shopping in the local market, Camel ride, sightseeing, photography

Location: Amer Road, Jal Mahal, Jaipur.

Timings: 12 to 10:30pm

Entry Fee: Rs 10 per person for Indians

Rs 50 per person for foreigners.

Note that Entry is Nowadays Restricted By State Government so you Can Visit From Outside Only.

  • Tips for visiting Jal mahal

There are a few tips that you must keep in mind if you are visiting Jal mahal for the first time.

  1. Always carry comfortable shoes that would ensure you a hassle-free trip to this palace and its nearby attractions.
  2. You should also carry sunglasses and hats in the summer to stay away from sunstroke or sunburn
  3. You can also carry a camera along with you to capture the beautiful memories over here. You’ll have to pay a nominal fee to carry the camera along with you.
  4. It’s also important to carry the important medicines that you might need in the middle of the trip.

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