1300 Feet Ever Given Dislodged from eastern Bank of Suez Canal

A week has been passed with every possible effort to free the ship from Suez Canal. Authority confirms that they are able to successfully free the ship partially this Monday. The 1300 feet ship got stuck in the canal on 23 march 2021

Engineers are trying to free ever given using tugboats to reopen the route. It is a matter of concern for the global supply chain also. Osama Rabie the chairman of the Suez Canal Authority said that They have dislodged the bow this Monday. The Ever Given is operated by Taiwan-based Evergreen Group.

A maritime traffic jam is increasing due to this incident. Experts are saying it would be very costly to Suez Canal Authority. Although every possible effort has been given by engineers to release the ship it’s not so easy for now. Hope in the next hours any update will come out.

It has been rumored that the Indian crew was operating the ship at that time when it gets stuck but all we know Suez Canal has its Pilots and they operate the ship in the canal. No other captain or crew can operate any ship on Suez Canal.

It will take time to clear the backlog with hundreds of ships waiting to pass the canal. But it takes time to make all as normal as before.

In 1963 USA Planned an alternative way via Israel to make another canal with atom bombs. But unfortunately, the plan was not successful. Now the situation becomes critical as there is no other alternative to connect to the red sea. Suez Canal is the only way that is economical and fast.

On the other hand, every day 10-billion-dollar trade was held by this jam as per shipping analytics. Some ships containing animals on board are getting out of ration for them. As per the latest news ship was freed and all will be getting normal soon but it raises a question on the dependency of the world on the Suez Canal.

The world should look for an alternative way now to overcome this kind of situation in the future. The world economy suffering for the last 6 days due to this jam and all eyes of traders around the world are on Suez Canal. Shipping company Evergreen appointed its officer to coordinate with Suez Canal Authority to solve this issue. Also, the Authority of the Canal is also seeking help internationally.

“We have movement which is good news but I wouldn’t say it’s a piece of cake now “Peter Berdowski said.

He explained that high pressure of the water would be used to try and remove sand and clay from underneath the bow of the ship. But if that not works then the only way is to lift the container which will take some time. According to him, the bow is still stuck in sand and clay at this time.

Now this time the ship is pulled by tug boats to make it floating and back to full water. On Either side, many ships are waiting to pass the canal. Hope all will be back to normal in the upcoming hours.

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