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CR full form is frequently searched on google as it is very complicated to know exact meaning of it. There are so many meaning and related to CR.It have various meaning for different sectors like Govt, Private etc. Here we will discuss about various meaning for this short form CR.

CR full for can be seen in dictionary but for your easiness we have selected some of CR meaning which are mostly used in daily life and always there is a query regarding this.

Here are some Important full form CR

Abbreviation Meaning Categories
CR Complimentary Rest Organizational /Govt.
CR Costa Rica Country Name
CR Class Representatives Education
CR Class Room Education
CR Clear Route Navigation
CR Control Room Administrative
CR Common Room General
CR Credit Banking
CR chromium Symbol/Science
CR Confidential report Official
CR Copyright organizational
CR Controlled release Medical(drug)
CR Change request official
CR Clinical Request Medical
CR Cruise Control transportation
CR Change Reaction General
CR Comparison Ratio Education
CR Central religion Navigation
CR Class Room Education
CR Customer Relationship Banking/Corporate
CR Credit Rating Banking
CR Corporate responsibility Corporate
CR Code Review General
CR Court Report Judicial
CR Concentration Science
CR Cold Rolling Production
CR Control Relay Automation
CR Chief Resident Administration
CR Command Register Administration
CR Country Road Location
CR Card Reader Gadgets
CR Capital Request Banking
CR Compliance Report Administration
CR Confirmation Review Administration

There are some more Full Forms apart from these which are mentioned above.

CR can have many meanings even for same field so it depends upon where it is used and what is the meaning of the sentence. I hope you will find this article informative about full-form of CR if you still have some doubts please comment below we will definitely try to answer it.

Some Common Questions are about CR.

1.CR full form in Government Employees?

Ans:-In government sector we use CR as Complimentary Rest

2. CR full form in banking ?

Ans:-CR In Bank stand for Credit.

3. CR means In Engineering ?

Ans:-CR in Engineering Means Controlled Radius.

4.CR full Form In Engineering ?

Ans:-CR In school Means Class Representative. full form chemistry?

Ans:-CR In chemistry Means chromium (Cr)

6.CR full form in office?

Ans:-CR In Office has various meanings as listed above in table..

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