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City palace Jaipur is situated in Rajasthan at is situated on the northeast side of the Jaipur and its actual position is the jalebi chowk near, Jantar Mantar, tripolia Bazar, Jaipur. The City Palace is a place that has preserved the history of the city and the culture. the City palace is the home of the royal family of Jaipur.

who lives in city palace jaipur

It is divided into parts one which contain a few courtyards and museums and the other where the royal family still resides. The palace has a complex that has several courtyards, galleries, restaurants, and museums.

History of the city palace

The city palace was created by the Sawai Jai Singh who was also the planner of Jaipur. The city palace is endured and dignity for the royal family. the build-up of the city palace was executed in the 17th century.

Jai Singh died in 1744. The city palace was having civil wars betwixt the Rajput majesty of the region but marital relations were encouraged with the British raj.

Maharaja Ram Singh adjoin the British in the sepoy revolution for the rebellion of 1857 and ingrained himself with the royal emperor.

The architecture of City Palace

The Architecture of City palace is a particular pattern with an expanded promenade and there are infrequent courtyards, buildings, pavilions, gardens, and temples. The maximum converse place of this palace is Chandra Mahal, Mubarak Mahal, Shri Govind dev Ji temple, and the city palace museum.

Govind dev Ji temple is near the city palace which is dedicated to the Hindu god Lord Krishna is part of the city palace complex, Govind dev Ji is an important temple for the royal family because their first aarti is seen by the rani in the early morning through their palace.

Chandra Mahal

Chandra Mahal is the sole of the primeval superstructure in the city palace. It had 7 floors, diverse fortunate by Rajput majesty. The first two parquet consist of such houses and the last two parquets are the Shri Niwas and Mukti Niwas.

Mubarak Mahal

Mubarak mahal patio at the city palace was perfectly re-found in 1900. The pretense of the Mubarak mahal has a dangling balcony and is identical on all four sides.

City palace jaipur museum

The Museum of city palace has a main hall for the audience it has large-format paintings on the walls of halls and the paintings of maharajas of Jaipur. A large picchawai, large paintings depicting the colorful festival of Holi.

On the display of the museum, you can see the military medals and polotropies, marking the achievements of the rulers.

Arms and The Armor Gallery (sileh khana )

The panoply and the sheath arcade having ability to endeavor the many of arms used by the kachhawaha Rajputs the army of Jaipur and amber. A large number of estoc of the 19th century are being collected by a maharaja.

Baggie khana

A baggie khana is a special place in the palace because it has different types of baggie for different occasions like to give a royal look for the festivals. The buggy for the normal look is of a different type like simple color and it should be comfortable.

Diwaan -e -aam and diwaan -e- khaas

There are diwan -e -aam and diwan-e -khaas in which the diwan-e -aam is for the common people they can visit this place diwan -e- aam and diwan-e-khaas in which some people are allowed like some special persons are allowed like persons of the palace or the working in the palace they can visit for some work. In diwan -e -aam they used to solve some people issue like water and disputes between the people and some people used to visit the king. They can give gifts to the king or raja.

The city palace jaipur timing

The city palace  timing is from 9.30 am to 5 pm and at night it’s having timings of 7 pm to 10 pm The best time to visit the city palace is in winter best time to visit is 12 pm to 3 pm because it’s having full sunlight the day after this you will see a lot of problems like the cold effects is shown in the city, while in summers best time to visit is 9.30 am to 11 am because after this the sunny day becomes hot.

What is entry fees for City Palace Jaipur?

City palace ticket for Indians:

The city palace tickets for Indians are

₹-130 for adults and of the composite museum ₹-300 ₹-500 at night, grandeur is ₹-1500 and royal splendor ₹-3000.

For children its city palace. For the children (5-12 yrs.) we have the tickets for the museum cost ₹-100, composite visit₹-200 and the museum at night visit cost for ₹-250,

For the royal grandeur it cost around ₹-1000 and for the royal splendor, it cost around ₹-1500.

The adult senior /defense Indian cost for the museum is ₹-100 the composite visit is ₹- 200 and the museum at night visit cost₹-380.

City palace ticket for foreigners:

Adult cost-

₹-700 in the composite, the museum at night cost ₹-1000, royal grandeur visit cost around ₹-2000 and the royal splendor visit cost for ₹-3500. The children(5-12 yrs.)

For composite visit is ₹-400, the museum at night ₹-500 the royal grandeur visit cost ₹-1500 and the royal splendor visit for the ₹-2000.

The adult senior /defense foreigner cost for the composite visit is ₹-430 and for the museum at night cost ₹-780.

City Palace Online Ticket Booking

If you want to book the ticket online you can visit the official website from the link below.

Book online ticket

Nearby locations for sightseeing at City palace:

Traveler tips about city palace Jaipur:

  • You have to carry a water bottle.
  • You have to wear comfortable flattened slippers or shoes for walking and running
  • Dress should be comfortable because too hassle-free dresses you wear then you may slip.

Eating food nearby:

  • The palace café: located within the City palace
  • The baradari restaurant: located on the premises of the city palace, it serves both Indian and international cuisine.

When city palace closes:

It closes on Diwali, Holi, and a few other selected holidays.

Marriages took place in the city palace:

In the city palace over 1000 marriages took place and the marriages which are being held in the city palace in which the Chandra Mahal and Mubarak mahal is used for many other ceremonies of wedding they use elephants and horses for the weddings.

Marriages cost for city palace:

The city palace is a concoction of immemorial Rajasthani and Mughal art. It has mesmerizing palatial architecture. Maharaja Jai Singh built the outer wall which is being strong and painted pink on both sides. The palace occupies a large area partite into courtyards, gardens, and buildings. If you like the wedding under the open skies and the royal architecture and the cost for the wedding in the city palace is around 70 lakh to 1.5 crore

And there is no space for accommodation in the city palace. If you do for the accommodation for 100-200 people you cost around the 2 lakh per night if we do for 3 days wedding with food around 10 to 20 lakh.


Visit city palace is just we are seeing the era of that time in which the culture, history, heritage about the life of rulers and queens. We can spend the whole day in this palace because we can see many more nearby places in it like Jantar Mantar, Govind dev Ji and Hawa Mahal is very close to them we can visit it by just walking a few meters and within 1 to 2 km we have Jal Mahal and Albert Hall .

Most asked questios about city place.

1.  Who is the owner of City Palace Jaipur?

     Royal family of Jaipur is the owner of the palace.

2.  Do you need to book in advance to visit City Palace of Jaipur?
      No dont need.

3. Is photography allowed in City Palace Jaipur?
    Yes with special pass/fee.


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